Social Responsibility

We are about people; we are about making a difference and giving back in every way we can.

Our “Why” is much more than simply providing delicious beverages. It’s more than trying to make a profit. For example, we intentionally choose not to source the “cheapest” ingredients or sell at a premium price. From a business perspective, it sounds crazy. However, when the “Why” is clear and serves as the motivation behind every decision, profit is no longer the first priority.

We are about you: providing you with a great tasting juice loaded with nutrients and vitamins offered at a reasonable price. Many juices on the market provide little to no nutritional benefits…in fact, the juices are mainly water and sugar! And we care about your wallet, too. Today, healthy juices are being sold at astronomical prices. We strongly believe that quality products should be accessible to everyone. We want you to be a part of our close-knit community, one that appreciates health + value + giving back. It’s a wonderful community and culture that anyone, regardless of finances, can join!

We are about developing communities: Every single fruit and vegetable within Caribé and Origin juices is sourced directly from local farmers in developing countries. From fresh passion fruits straight from their fields to acerola berries from their trees, they provide us with the best tropical and fresh fruits and vegetables while we help them access new markets. We even hire local community members to get our guavas from wild trees or work in the Caribé Factory in order that those communities can thrive! These hard-working men and women are and will always be the foundation of Caribé.

At the end of the day, we believe businesses can make a difference. One of the best aspects of Caribé and Origin juices that with each purchase, you can be a part of supporting local farmers in developing communities while making healthy and budget-conscious choices for you and your family.

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